Prevent Termites

If you live in South Florida the reality is that your home will get termites within the first fifteen years. It is how you take care of the Drywood Termite problem that matters. There are many companies that sell products and services that can prolong the inevitable – your house will need to be Tent Fumigated.


Don’t be fooled by slick marking campaigns that don’t tell the whole story about Dry Wood Termites!

Asian Termites

Ultimately, you will have to Tent Fumigate your home.

There are companies who have taken the spot treatments and added a slick marketing campaign that they call “No Tent Termite Control”.


They charge you as much as a Tent Fumigation but without the success. Basically, No-Tent means that you give them money and they kill some of your Termites. All of the hidden Termites continue to eat your home. Then the chase is on! (You Chasing your OLD Termite Company)!


Our ownership has a combined sixty years experience in the Termite business and we spot treat Drywood Termites for our customers, at little or no charge, to slow the swarms down until they can tent their homes.