Termite Control

About Termites

There are several different types of termites in the world. There are different sizes, shapes, and species out there and they all do things slightly different from the other. All of them love to eat wood, and they can all do damage to your home, but there are different ways to spot them, different places to look for them and different ways to treat them.


Unlike their cousins, the subterranean termites, these do not need to be near the soil, do not have to create mud tunnels to stay damp and prefer dry wood. The wood devoured by these insects will appear smooth and you are more likely to find them dining on the support beams of your house, as well as in furniture or even in your expensive hardwood floors.


As you can tell from the name, these termites live underground. They have to keep damp to live and they build mud tunnels to travel from place to place in order to stay damp and to stay protected. They prefer to eat soft woods. If you find damaged wood on your home and the holes appear like a honeycomb, the likely culprit are subterranean termites.

Termite Season

Termite Queens and Kings

The termite queen, together with the termite king, are the founders of termite colonies. Swarming male and female termites become queens and kings when they mate and form a colony. Among subterranean termites, workers feed the queen and the king. They can live for a long time. Termite queens that are mature may lay many eggs per year.


Our Beach Environmental professionals are trained to spot the signs of termites and know exactly what types of termites are at work on your property and inside your home. We can spot their hiding places, their method of access, determine where the damage has been done and then set up a treatment plan.


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