Common Cockroaches Found in South Florida


Size: 1 ½ inch
Habitat: American Cockroaches generally prefer moist areas but can live in dry places if they have a good water supply. These roaches are typically found in sewer systems, yards, cracks and crevices of a house. They require warm temperatures around 80 degrees.


Size: 1 ¾ inch
Habitat: The Palmetto bug is typically found in the southern states. They need moisture and are usually found in damp dark places with poor ventilation. This could include sheds, gutters, eaves of the roof, sewer system and other cracks found on a house. They require temperatures around 80 degrees.


Size: 1 ½ inch
Habitat: Brown Cockroaches prefer the warmth of southern states. This cockroach typically found outside and can usually hide under the barks of trees, in the sewer and in mulch surrounding a house.


Size: ¾ inch
Habitat: German cockroaches and be found further north than other species. They are generally associated with restaurants, hotels and nursing homes. This species of cockroach can produce young faster than most other species because their egg capsules can hold up to 40 young.


Size: ¾ inch
Habitat: The Brown-banded cockroach is found throughout the United States. This type of pest needs less moisture than most other species of roach so they can be found distributed throughout a home found inside bedrooms and living rooms. They are more common in homes and apartments than restaurants.

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Cockroach Control

Cockroaches are a common household pest found throughout the United States. These pests are a nuisance and can ruin food items, book bindings and other materials. These pests secrete an oily substance that has a bad odor and can ruin foods. Cockroaches also emit a pheromone that leads other roaches to food and water, so homes can quickly be infested by these pests. Some people are even allergic to roaches when there is a large amount of them. These bugs are generally nocturnal and will quickly scurry away if there is light.


It can be difficult for a homeowner to get rid of a cockroach infestation without help. Using strong chemical products inside of the home may lead to worse conditions. This is why we can help. We are a team of professionals with experience and understand the most effective ways to eliminate the problem. For a free quote, please call us at 561-841-0077.