Tubes in the Wall

How Do They Work?

In wall pest control systems work through a network of tubes that run through your home, before attaching to an outside port.


The tubes themselves have slits that distribute a slow supply of chemicals throughout the inside of your walls.


Usually around twice a year a technician will come blow the tubes out with air and refill them with new chemicals.


Homeowners don’t ever have to worry about treatments because the chemicals are present at all times.

We make things BLOOM!

In Wall Pest Control Tubes

Sometimes you have pests in your walls and you won’t even know it. It’s an unnerving proposition, living amongst a silent infestation. The problem will continue to grow over time and eventually could cause real damage to your home. There are many answers to your pest problem, though people will debate endlessly over which answer is the best.


Personally, we’re fond of tube systems that exist in your walls to actively deter pests from colonizing your home. These systems work best when installed during construction or renovation, but the proper technician can install and service the system on any home.