Lawn and Ornamental

Lawn & Ornamental Pest Control

As a Palm Beach or Broward County resident, you know firsthand that maintaining a luscious, green lawn can be a nightmare for homeowners. Between the heat and humidity and the constant rain, your lawn or garden may not be looking its best lately.


Luckily, Beach Environmental is not here just to keep your home free of bugs and rodents, we are also here to keep your lawn looking immaculate all year-round with our lawn and ornamental services.


In order to create an effective lawn treatment program, our experts need to first inspect, observe, and analyze your lawn. We look for any insect infestations or any weed infestations to determine the next course of action. From the data we collect, our friendly technicians will discuss with you the possible causes for your lawn care issues. Next, we’ll take the most effective measures and use only the best, environmentally friendly products to either repair or maintain your lawn.

We are the Right Choice!

Your Palm Trees Are Vulnerable

Palm trees in South Florida are very common and popular here in Palm Beach County & Broward County. Unfortunately, they are also very susceptible to insect infestation. If you’ve noticed a lot of brown circular scales on your tree, then you might have a problem known as palm leaf scale.


These headless, legless bugs, can ultimately kill your palm trees. Spraying your trees with a systemic insecticide on a regular basis will help prevent this tree killing insect from damaging the trees in your yard.


Maintaining a healthy yard is the best way to prevent any weed infestations, but ornamental grasses require just as much attention and nutrients as your lawn does. Don’t allow bugs and harmful pesticides to ruin your precious lawn accent decorations.


Let the experts at Beach Environmental Pest Control help you prevent any future bug and weed infestations by handling your lawn care needs from the start. Experience the bliss and peacefulness of having healthy, insect-free, green grass today!


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