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Lawn and Ornamental

As a Palm Beach or Broward County resident, you know firsthand that maintaining a luscious, green lawn can be a nightmare for homeowners. Between the heat and humidity and the constant rain, your lawn or garden may not be looking its best lately.


Luckily, Beach Environmental is not here just to keep your home free of bugs and rodents, we are also here to keep your lawn looking immaculate all year-round with our lawn and ornamental services.

Tent Fumigation

Beach Environmental is one of the largest tent fumigators in the state of Florida. We use a fumigant that has no odors and leaves no residuals. We tent buildings to eliminate drywood termites, bed bugs, and powder post beetles.


Most other pest control companies will tell you that the problem can be solved without performing a tent fumigation on your house. You may even see services that advertise a “NO Tent Solution”. Don’t be fooled as this is not a wise decision or the right choice. Although tent fumigation can be troublesome for the occupants, it is short-term, and by far the most efficient and long lasting way to rid your home of a pest infestation.

Tubes in the Wall

Tubes in the wall pest management systems are one of the most efficient forms of pest control. Tubes are installed during construction, with a series of perforated hoses snaked through the studs of the home, to allow Product to penetrate the areas where common pests live.


The hoses link to outdoor treatment ports, so you do not have to have product sprayed in your home. Plus, all treatments are performed on the outside of the home, so you do not have to worry about being home to receive the “Tubes in the Wall” treatment service.

We make things BLOOM!

We Love Lawn Care, Too!

Even though we’re known for our pest-fighting prowess, we also have brilliant green thumbs. It’s our mission to keep your lawn and vegetation healthy, green, weed-free and pest-free, using high-quality, customized fertilizers blended for the specific requirements of your lawn, meticulous tree and shrub care, and effective weed control.


Also, our services are customizable. Our Premier Residential and Commercial Lawn Care Services lets you combine any lawn and garden services, like lawn fertilization, weed control or tree and shrub fertilization – with our pest control, and/or our termite monitoring programs. So you get a comprehensive umbrella service that delivers all of your pest, lawn and garden needs together.